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Lockpicking doesn't really belong under "Gathering Materials", as you rarely get actual materials that way. Move it into a separate section and add some other crime stuff.
A range of '''activities''' are possible in The Elder Scrolls Online. Some are obvious parts of gameplay, such as completing [[Online:quests|quests]] and exploring [[Online:dungeons|dungeons]]. This page lists some of the optional activities that are available.
==Gathering Materials==
* [[Online:Fishing|Fishing]]: Choose your bait and try to catch some fish.
* [[Online:Lockpicking|Lockpicking]]: Open locked chests scattered across Tamriel.
* [[Online:Nodes|Nodes]]: Gather materials for use in crafting.
* [[Online:Justice|Justice]]: An overview of the Justice system.
* [[Online:Lockpicking|Lockpicking]]: Open locked chests scatteredand break into private places across Tamriel.
* [[Online:Pickpocketing|Pickpocketing]]: Put your greedy hands where they don't belong.