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|appears=[[Morrowind:Vos|Morrowind]], [[Online:Vos|ESO]]
{{Lore Link|Vos}} {{MWTense|is|was}} an ancient {{Lore Link|Chimer|Velothi}} farming village on the eastern coast of {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}., Therenear {{MWTenseLore Link|are|wereTel Mora}}. {{MWTense|There are few services here. There {{MWTense|is|was}} a [[{{Lore:Dunmer Link|Dunmer]]}} chapel which {{MWTense|is|was}} too small to serve as a focus for Almsivi intervention, but the resident cleric, {{Lore Link|Yakin Bael}}, {{MWTense|is|was}} a fine healer, and worth a visit by anyone interested in the medical arts.|}} A harbor {{MWTense|lies|lay}} downhill from the town, where there {{MWTense|are|were}} ships to {{Lore Link|Tel Aruhn}}, {{Lore Link|Sadrith Mora}} and nearby Tel Mora. The large and friendly Varo Tradehouse {{MWTense|is|was}} located near the wharves, and {{MWTense|is|was}} a good alternative to Tel Mora for travelers seeking accommodation.
TheApart townfrom ofpassing Vosthrough {{MWTense|is|was}} upon the hillway from the harbor, where thereto {{MWTense|are|were}} ships toMaster {{Lore Link|Tel AruhnAryon}},'s tower at {{Lore Link|SadrithTel MoraVos}} and nearby |{{Lore Link|Tel MoraVos}}., Thewhich largewas anderected friendlywithin Varo Tradehousean {{MWTenseLore Link|is|was}}Third located near the wharves, and {{MWTenseEmpire|is|wasImperial}} afort good alternative to Tel Mora for men seeking accommodation. Apart from passing through onin the way to Masterlate {{Lore Link|AryonThird Era}}'s tower at {{Lore Link|Tel Vos}}, there {{MWTense|is|was}} really little cause to visit Vos.<noinclude>
==See Also==
*For more information, see the [[Morrowind:Vos|Morrowind]] articleand [[Online:Vos|Elder Scrolls Online]] articles.</noinclude>
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