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Lore:Lives of the Saints

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If you would learn fierce justice, follow Saint [[Lore:Felms|Felms]] the Bold, Patron of Butchers and Fishmongers. This brave warlord slew the {{Lore Link|Nord}} invaders and drove them from our lands. He could neither read nor write, receiving inspiration directly from the lips of [[Lore:Almsivi|Almsivi]].
{{nst|ON=|If you would learn pride of race and tribe, follow Saint [[Lore:Roris|Roris]] the Martyr, Patron of Furnishers and Caravaners. Captured by {{Lore Link|Argonian}}s just before the [[Lore:Arnesian War|Arnesian War]], Roris proudly refused to renounce the Tribunal faith, and withstood the cruel tortures of Argonian sorcerers. Vengeance and justice for the martyred Saint Roris was the rallying cry of the Arnesian War.}}
If you would learn the rule of law and justice, follow Saint [[Lore:Olms|Olms]] the Just, Patron of Chandlers and Clerks. Founder of the {{Lore Link|Ordinator}}s, Saint Olms conceived and articulated the fundamental principles of testing, ordeal, and repentance.