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}}'''Remains-Silent''', also known as '''The Bequeather''', is an [[ON:Argonian|Argonian]] member of the [[ON:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] who serves as a [[ON:Shadowy Suppliers|shadowy supplier]]. She can provide you with various helpful supplies once you unlock the [[ON:Shadowy Supplier|Shadowy Supplier]] skill. True to her name, she never speaks.
Once the relevant skill is unlocked, Remains-Silent appears in the [[Online:Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary|Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary]] and every [[Online:Outlaws Refuges|Outlaws Refuge]] across Tamriel, and is marked on the local map by the Dark Brotherhood symbol. Once every twenty hours you can requestpick anone item fromof three categoriesdialogue options, each yielding a container or item.
With the release of the Homestead update, there is a chance you will be given a furnishing item instead of a consumable. Choosing the dialogue option:
*"Have any poisons or potions today?" awards the item "Poisoned Blood"
*"Have anything that can help make me less noticeable?" awards the items "Candles of Silence" and "Light and Shadow" (Candle on a skull lighting item)
*"Have any equipment today?" awards the item "Sacrificial Heart"
:'''"Have any poisons or potions today?"''' yields a {{Item Link|id=79675|Toxin Satchel|quality=3}}, which can contain:
:*5 [[Online:Potions#Alliance Potions|Alliance Potions]]
:*5 [[Online:Potions#Rogue's Potions|Rogue's Potions]]
:*A collection of [[Online:Alchemy|Alchemy]] mats
:*{{Item Link|id=119936|quality=4|Poisoned Blood}}
:'''"Have anything that can help make me less noticeable?"''' can yield:
:*A {{Item Link|id=79677|quality=1|Assassin's Potion Kit}}, containing a {{huh}}
:*{{Item Link|id=121058|quality=3|Candles of Silence}}
:'''"Have any equipment today?"''' yields: