Lore:Fourth Era

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|4E 29|The [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion|Aldmeri Dominion]] is recreated after Alinor and [[Lore:Valenwood|Valenwood]] proclaim a union, and all contact is severed with the [[Lore:Empire|Empire]].|The union comes about after a Thalmor-backed coup overthrows Valenwood's government. The Empire and its Bosmer allies in the Imperial-backed government are caught off-guard and defeated by better-prepared Bosmer and Thalmor troops following the coup.{{Ref|name=RT4}}
*The Dominion severs all contact with the Empire and is silent for the next 70 years. Most Imperial scholars believe that there was some sort of internal strife in Alinor during this period.{{Ref|name=RT4}}}}{{History Entry
|4E 40|[[Books:The Infernal City/Umbriel|Umbriel]], a floating city, appears on the coast of [[Lore:Black_Marsh|Black Marsh]], heading toward [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]].{{Ref|name=TIC}}}}
{{History Entry
|4E 42|The Night of Green Fire occurs in [[Lore:Sentinel|Sentinel]].|[[Lore:Altmer|Altmer]] dissidents who had fled to Sentinel from the Thalmor in Summerset Isle are attacked by Thalmor operatives. Their efforts to fight back against the Thalmor are in vain, and by the time [[Lore:Imperial Legion|Imperial Legion]] soldiers arrive, the entire refugee district of the city had been destroyed. The event became known as "The Night of Green Fire" due to the destructive magic attacks employed by both sides during the battle.{{ref|name=SRFasendil|[[Skyrim:Legate Fasendil|Legate Fasendil]]'s dialogue in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]].}}}}
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