Skyrim:Drevis Neloren

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===Out of Balance===
[[File:SR-npc-Drevis Neloren 02.jpg|thumb|right|''"I'm busy right now, Colette."'']]
After becoming officially inducted into the College of Winterhold, you can ask Drevis if there is anything [[Skyrim:Out of Balance|he needs help with]]. He will say: ''"There may be a matter in which your... skills... could be useful. The various points of focus for magic energies around the College have become polluted, and need cleansing."'' If you ask him to elaborate, he will say: ''"As you may be aware, the College has gone to great lengths to purify and enhance the natural energies of the world. This both enhances our connection to the realm of magic, and eliminates possible interference from outside sources. These energies, on occasion, become... polluted. Effort must be made to see that they are kept pure, clean. Do you wish to aid in this cleansing?"''
=== The Doomstones ===
[[File:SR-npc-Drevis Neloren 03.jpg|thumb|right|Drevis holding a lecture]]
Drevis will hold lectures in the [[Skyrim:Hall of the Elements|Hall of the Elements]] occasionally, in which he will be heard saying the following: