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Daggerfall:Easter Eggs

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Names of the Divines: following and preceding
*'''[[Lore:Arkay|Arkay]]''' was named after one of the original beta testers, R. K. Deutsch, who died in 1998.
*'''[[Lore:Dibella|Dibella]]''' was named after beta tester Mary Jo DiBella.
*'''[[Lore:Julianos|Julianos]]''' was named after [[General:Julian Lefay|Julian Lefay]], project leader of ''Daggerfall'' and several following other Elder Scrolls games.
*'''[[Lore:Mara|Mara]]''' was possibly named after beta tester Marilyn Wassermann.
*'''[[Lore:Stendarr|Stendarr]]''' was named after beta tester Daniel Starr.
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