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This page contains general information regarding methods of '''traveling''' in the game'"Daggerfall'' (such as fast-traveling, running, levitating, etc.), as well as detailed descriptions of a number of traveling loopholes and various statistics.
==Travel Modes==
The most immediate modes of travel, walking and running, are most commonly used to navigate yourthe immediate vicinity, which ranges from towns and graveyards to sprawling [[Daggerfall:Dungeons|dungeons]]. Walking is accomplished by pressing the “Forward” key, in which case you will travel in the direction you are facing, while running can be activated by pressing “P” while you are walking. In addition, it is possible to jump and surmount small obstacles or gaps, which is activated by pressing “J.” It should be noted, however, that both running and jumping tax your fatigue, and thus cannot be used indefinitely without rest.
It is also important to note that the efficiency of both running and jumping is governed by [[Daggerfall:Skills|skills]] of the same name as well as your Speed and Strength [[Daggerfall:Attributes|Attributes]]. In general, higher running and jumping skills will mean faster running and higher jumping, respectively.
Often, you will run into situations while traveling in which directions are needed; this can occur during a quest or when you are simply exploring the world. The easiest way to acquire directions is to speak with one of <i>''Daggerfall</i>''’s many NPCs.
<i>''Daggerfall</i>''’s NPCs can be divided into three main categories. The first category consists of [[Daggerfall:Bestiary|enemies]], which are hostile to you. These NPCs cannot be spoken to, and thus are useless for directions. The second category consists of the commoners found in the streets of every town, who are available in abundance and can easily be asked for directions. The third category includes shop owners, guild members and nobles. This category can also be spoken to for directions, but there are a few minor differences: firstly, this category of NPC is capable of giving quests, which can sometimes occur randomly when you speak to them. If you are already on a quest or do not want to start a new one, then it may be safer to ask commoners for directions instead (who cannot give quests). Second, there are a few [[Daggerfall:Spymaster|specialized members]] of this NPC class who will give extremely reliable directions (as well as other information).
To ask an NPC for directions, approach the desired NPC and then press the “Space” key (it is important to make sure player interaction is set to “grab” or “dialog” before doing this, which can be accomplished by pressing “F1” or “F4” keys, respectively). Doing so will bring up the NPC interaction menu, from where you will be able to ask for directions to any local place known to the NPC (among other things). It is important to note that there is no grantee any particular “normal” NPC will know the way to a particular place, so you may have to do some asking around until you find an NPC who is able to direct you to the desired location (the exception to this are the NPCs who specialize in the information business, mentioned above).
==Travel and Exploration Tips/Strategies==
Once you have gotten used to <i>''Daggerfall</i>'''s basic modes of travel and navigation, youeyou will likely discover and put to use innovative strategies designed to streamline the adventuring process. Below are a number of such strategies and methods that have been developed over the years.
===Dungeon Exploration Method===
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