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Stat Decreases: correct linkage
==Stat Decreases==
'''Problem:''' "I had my [[Daggerfall:Attributes#Wisdom|Wisdom]] drop from 62 to 34. I have no diseases, no "spell Icons" are on my character sheet and if I look at my Wisdom score in an editor, it shows 62 still."
'''Answer:''' "I had the same thing happen to me with my [[Daggerfall:Personality|Personality]]. I figured it out: I was using a Personality ring and saved the game while wearing it. When I loaded, my Personality was equal to my original unmodified value. When I took off the ring...poof! My personality dropped about 20 or 30 points. I had to re-load from the previous save game (luckily I had one). You could always use the edit program to put it back..."
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