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:The {{Lore Link|Orc}} homeland of {{Lore Link|Orsinium}} has had a troubled history. Indeed, for most of the past two thousand years Orsinium has existed only in the dreams of the Orc people. The current land, sometimes called Nova Orsinium, is the second incarnation of an Orc homeland in the {{Lore Link|Wrothgarian Mountains}} of {{Lore Link|High Rock}}. The first was a creation of the tenth century of the {{sic|[[Lore:Second Era|Second Era]]|First Era|description=factual error}}, a refuge for Orcs harried from High Rock, {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}}, and {{Lore Link|Skyrim}} by the expansions of the Empires of the {{Lore Link|men}} and {{Lore Link|mer}}.