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:Aetherius, ancestral seat of the [[Lore:Nine Divines|Nine Divines]] and the other original spirits, is the plane of pure magicka. Whereas Oblivion may surround us every night, it is aetherial energy that infuses our daily existence, from highest to lowest, and gives all the races of men, mer, and beast common purpose. Its magic brings the rain to the fields, love to our hearths, and scientific principles to our technological industries. It gives us the very Sun itself. Finally, Aetherius is the home to the [[Lore:Aedra|Aedra]], those cornerstones of the Mundus whose aspects we see in temple, in lordship, and the high walk of heroes.
:Visits to Aetherius occur even less frequently than to Oblivion, for the void is a long expanse and only the stars offer portal for aetherial travel, or the judicious use of magic. The expeditions of the [[Lore:Reman Dynasty|Reman Dynasty]] and the Sun Birds of [[Lore:Alinor (city)|Alinor]] are the most famous attempts in our histories, and it is a cosmic irony that both of them were eventually dissolved for the same reason: the untenable expenditures required to reach magic by magicka. Their only legacy is the Royal Imperial Mananauts of the [[Lore:Elder Council|Elder Council]] and the great Orrery at [[Lore:Firsthold|Firsthold]], whose spheres are made up of genuine celestial mineral gathered by travelers travellers during the [[Lore:Merethic Era|Merethic Era]].
===Birthsigns: The Aetherial Constellations===
:Every child on Nirn is given a birthright by the heavens. Known as [[Lore:Birthsigns|star signs]], they are fortunes and dooms created by themagical the magical interplay that makes up each of the aetherial constellations.Commonly, these constellations number thirteen, though others havebeen have been observed during times of empyrean harmony or stress.