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Skyrim:Glenmoril Coven

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The path leading here starts immediately to the north of an [[Skyrim:Unmarked Places#Unmarked Ruins and Monuments|unmarked ruined tower]] and has a number of switchbacks as it climbs towards the cave entrance. You are likely to encounter a [[Skyrim:Creatures|creature]] or two along this path. As you near the top there are numerous hagraven symbols formed from the bones and antlers of large elks, spriggan and goat heads on stakes and taproots hanging from trees, leaving under no illusions of what you're likely to face within. There is a patch of [[Skyrim:Mora Tapinella|mora tapinella]] growing on a dead tree stump near the entrance and several troll and animal skulls either side of it. The entrance is marked by lit braziers on a stands.
=== {{LE|Glenmoril Cave}} ===
[[File:SR-interior-Glenmoril Coven.jpg|thumb|right|Glenmoril cave]]
After entering, there is a novice-locked [[Skyrim:Chest|chest]], which is in an alcove straight ahead where the tunnel first turns to the right. There are three enemies in the large chamber nearby. A [[Skyrim:Hag|hag]] patrols near a campfire in the middle, and there is a leveled creature to the right, hiding in the darkness. There is an additional weak creature by the western tunnel on the upper level. There is a [[Skyrim:Goat Hide|goat hide]] next to the central pillar and another just to the northwest. Due south of the fire is a large [[Skyrim:Coin Purse|coin purse]], a basket holding a sprig of [[Skyrim:Elves Ear|elves ear]], and two [[Skyrim:Nightshade|nightshade]] flowers, a pair of [[Skyrim:Ragged Robes|ragged robes]] next to a patch of [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] fungus, and two skulls to go with the two nearby rib cages. There are ramps leading upwards on either side, and four tunnels leading out from the center room: two on the lower level and two on the higher level.
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