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Bangkorai: grammar
The southern part of Bangkorai, also known as {{Lore Link|Fallen Wastes}}, is situated in northern Hammerfell. The region borders Alik'r to the west and Craglorn to the east. It also borders northern Bangkorai, which is a part of High Rock, across the famous Bangkorai Pass. The main city is {{Lore Link|Hallin's Stand}} (formerly named Ojwambu). The {{Lore Link|Hall of Heroes}} is also located here.{{ref|name=ON}} During the mid-[[Lore:Second Era|Second Era]], at the time of the {{Lore Link|Daggerfall Covenant}}, Bangkorai as a whole was ruled from the High Rock city of {{Lore Link|Evermore}}.{{ref|name=ON}}
The Fallen Wastes, like Alik'r to the west is a desert region except there being much rougher and rocky terrain.{{ref|name=ON}}