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[[{{Lore: Link|Othrok|Baron Othrok]]}} was a Baron of {{Lore Link|Dwynnen}}, who ruled the area in the middle of the [[Lore:Third Era|Third Era]]. Although the Baron definitely existed, it is difficult to separate the truth from legends that have arisen around him.
One legend deals with the foundation of the Barony itself, and how in {{Year|3E 253}}, the Baron led an army of animals and men in a victory against the undead armies of Castle Wightmoor at the battle of [[Lore:Battle of Wightmoor|Battle of Wightmoor]].{{Ref|name=TFOTU|{{Cite book|The Fall of the Usurper}}}} Whether this is literally true or not, the people of the Barony celebrate a holiday called Othroktide on the 5th of Suns Dawn each year as a memorial to the battle.{{Ref|{{Cite book|Holidays of the Iliac Bay}}}}
The Baron is even more famous as the man who stopped the invasion of the [[{{Lore:Camoran UsurperLink|Camoran Usurper]]}} in {{Year|3E 267}}.{{Ref|name=TFOTU}} Although the credit given to the Baron is probably overstated, it was at the [[Lore:Battle of Firewaves|Battle of Firewaves]], not in Dwynnen itself but nearby, that the combined armies of Dwynnen, [[{{Lore:Ykalon Link|Ykalon]]}}, [[{{Lore:Phrygia Link|Phrygia]]Phrygias}}, and [[{{Lore:Kambria Link|Kambria]]}} defeated the Usurper and restored peace to [[{{Lore:Tamriel Link|Tamriel]]}}.{{Ref|name=TFOTU}}<noinclude>