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}}'''Remains-Silent''', also known as '''The Bequeather''', is an [[ON:Argonian|Argonian]] member of the [[ON:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] who serves as a [[ON:Shadowy Suppliers|shadowy supplier]]. She can provide you with various helpful supplies once you unlock the [[ON:Shadowy Supplier|Shadowy Supplier]] skill. True to her name, she never speaks.
Once the skill is unlocked, Remains-Silent appears in the [[Online:Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary|Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary]] and every [[Online:Outlaws Refuges|Outlaws Refuges]] across Tamriel, and is marked on the local map by the Dark Brotherhood symbol. Once every twenty hours you can request an item from three categories.
With the release of the Homestead update, there is a chance you will be given a furnishing item instead of a consumable.
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