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Furniture Stores
== Furniture Stores ==
Furniture stores will show up in the "General" section of NPC dialogue. They are ofen inhabited by four to six [[Daggerfall:Thieves_Guild|Thieves Guild]] and/or [[Daggerfall:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] NPCs, one of which is usually [[Daggerfall:The Crow|The Crow]], a high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild (has a gold frame around his portrait). The Crow will provide quests if the player is a member of the Thieves' Guild.
Some people have asked questions about what exactly a furniture store is, and what it does (supposedly you can buy furniture for your house???). In Ripwych, Daggerfall, check the "General" questions (in conversation mode) and it lists a "furniture emporium" of some sort. I went there, but the guy wouldn't talk to me (he "hated" my "kind", apparently). I figure this to be either a racial slur against my elven ancestry (ear envy, one would suppose) or because I'm not a home owner (not enough cash yet).
Examples of furniture store names are Furniture Emporium, The Champion Carpentry, and The Duchess's Furniture Shop. Known towns where furniture stores are located include Ripwych and Tuntower in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall (Region)|Daggerfall]] and Merdale in [[Daggerfall:Daenia|Daenia]].
In any event, check the "general" menu to scout out furniture stores. The sign out front looks a little (okay, exactly) like the "Pawn Shop" sign (those bottles and stuff).
The game code contains unimplemented furniture items (see [[Daggerfall:Hacking Items|Hacking Items]]).
Performing a quest for the Fighters' Guild, I was sent to Tuntower in Daggerfall province that contained "The Champion Carpentry". Of course since I am not a homeowner they would not talk to my "kind". I entered the store right at opening time, and there were already six people standing around in it, and one of them (named The Crow) had a gold frame around his portrait like he was a royal! It reminded me of a used car lot!
The furniture stores are "fronts". In Merdale in Daenia, a small country just west of Daggerfall, you can find a furniture store, The Duchess's Furniture Shop, in which resides one of the game's unique characters: the Crow, a high-ranking member of the Thieves' Guild. This would imply that the other unique characters found in the reputation editor could be found somewhere in the Illiac Bay. Of course, I don't think there's anything to do with these people once you find them. Like the large gorge somewhere to the east of Lysandus' Tomb (trust me on that one - just start running, straight east, you'll fall in a gorge eventually), the Crow and the Furniture Stores are basically just there for "flavor".
If you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood / Thieves' Guild, people at the furniture stores give you quests. Kewl ones too. Like a guy there asks you to kill someone because the Dark Brotherhood you are a member of wouldn't do it for him!
[It is believed that ''Bethesda'' originally intended for players to be able to purchase furniture for their house and their ship, but like so many other features in Daggerfall, it never got finished or fully implemented. Some people have hacked the game and found that there are many items in the code that do not appear anywhere. Also, it appears that in the code there already '''are''' furniture pieces as items, possibly intended as shop items. (See [[Daggerfall:Hacking Items|Hacking Items]] for details)]
== Starting Dungeon Spoilers ==