Morrowind:Umbra Sword

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<noinclude>{{Morrowind Artifact Trail}} [[Category:Morrowind-Weapons-Long Blades Two Hand]]

</noinclude>{{Artifact Summary
|ImageName=Umbra Sword
|Damage=<br>Chop: 10-50<br>Slash: 10-45<br>Thrust: 10-40<br>Dmg. Ratio: 67.5
|Enchant=90/18=5<br>Cast When Used<br>{{MW EffectLink|Soultrap}} for 120sec on Target
|Type=Long Blade Two Hand

Carried by the [[Morrowind:Orc|Orc]] warrior [[Morrowind:Umbra (person)|Umbra]], just north-east of [[Morrowind:Suran|Suran]] over the hill from the tradehouse (61359,-51980), acquired during the [[Morrowind:Umbra (quest)|Umbra quest]].