Online:Watch Captain Zafira

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===Quest Related Dialogue===
===Risen from the Depths===
''"I wonder if you know how completely we are in your debt. Alik'r warriors fear no evil, but they will not fight the undead. It may be a superstition but it has been tradition for centuries. I could not have convinced my guards to break it today."''
:;Surely you were planning some kind of response?
These dark arts are not practiced by our people, but yes, we hive experienced the plague of necromancy in the past. Fighting these plagues has always required great sacrifice. Those who have fought the dead have been dishonored, cast out.''"
:;Cast out on the basis of superstition?
"''Most people here deem this to be sacred law, not superstition. Even King Fahara'jad must respect our customs. If he were to ask his people to disrepectdisrespect their ancestors, his rule would swiftly come to an end.''"
The conversation will then loop around to the '''Haven't necromancers threatened Alik'r before?''' option.
===Restoring the Ansei Wards===
Watch Captain Zafira is part of the honor guard present in the [[ON:Impervious Vault|Impervious Vault]] during [[ON:Restoring the Ansei Wards|Restoring the Ansei Wards]] "'''Look at you. First you drive the risen dead from the Sentinel Docks, and then you drive them from all of Alik'r. I must confess. I am impressed."''
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