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Several Bugs to Avoid: Added ways to avoid the "void" glitch. Added crash bug when deleting spells.
#The $spellname cheat seems stable, but the !spellname cheat no longer works. Be aware that editing the STR or END statistics seems to cause problems with stamina "rolling over" when you sleep (goes to zero / negative). [Neither $spellname nor !spellname works in v1.07.213]
#Falling through elevators can be avoided by continually jumping while on them. Don't access your inventory / character sheet while riding one as the platform is still moving, but you will remain stationary while in the other sheet, causing you to fall when you return to the game. [Not a problem in v1.07.213]
#Many have experienced the bug known as the 'void'. This occurs when you 'fall' through the floor or walls in a dungeon. You can move around in the void by casting levitate and can actually kill monsters with spells and arrows with impunity. To return, casting recall will get you back to your recall anchor (assuming you have one). Several people have used this to circumvent various 'puzzles' in main quest dungeons. [If you want to avoid this bug, there are several locations to be wary of. When scaling a steep slope, you may get stuck near the very top. Jump when you reach this point to avoid falling through the floor. It's also a good idea not to engage in melee with any enemy on such a slope. When dropping through a hole in the floor to a level below, let go of any directional movement keys so that you don't go through the wall.]
#Attempting to cast a previously prepared spell after loading a game will cause a crash. Always prepare a new spell after loading a saved game.
#Attempting to recast a previously deleted spell will cause the game to crash. Never hit the recast key after deleting a spell.
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