Lore:Fourth Era

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Third Century
|4E 201|[[Lore:Alduin|Alduin the World-Eater]] destroys the town of {{Lore Link|Helgen}}, heralding the return of the [[Lore:Dragons|dragons]] and the end of the world.
*The [[Lore:Hero|Last Dragonborn]] is revealed after slaying the dragon [[Skyrim:Mirmulnir|Mirmulnir]], who was threatening the city of {{Lore Link|Whiterun}}.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}
*The Last Dragonborn, with the help of the heroes of old, defeats Alduin in [[Lore:Sovngarde|Sovngarde]]. Dragons remain in Skyrim, but,and withrecognise noThe leader,Last areDragonborn scatteredas anddominating sparsedov. It is hinted that Alduin was not utterly destroyed and that his soul may exist to return at end times to devour the world. [[Lore:Paarthurnax|Paarthurnax]] may be alive and is roaming the world. His plans include teaching all remaining dragons "The Way of the Voice" to overcome their nature to dominate.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}}}
{{History Entry
|4E 201|The [[Lore:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] plotted to assassinate Emperor Titus Mede II.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}}}
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