Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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{{Bug|Barbas may also disappear and not be where he was supposed to be if you don't use fast travel at all. In this case open the console and type <code>prid 52535</code> and afterwards <code>moveto player</code> when you are at either Rimerock Burrow or back at Haemar's Shame.|vn=1}}
{{Bug|If you retrieve the axe and hit Barbas he will die and the quest will still be active.|vn=1}}
{{Bug|If you don't travel to Haemar's Shame with Barbas, then when you get there, he and all of the Vampires in the cell will be behind the fence leading outside, fighting. If the fighting causes them to go past the trigger point where the game moves you outside, you'll have to use projectiles to kill the Vampires.}}
==Quest Stages==
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