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The original console release of Skyrim does not support mods on either PS3 or Xbox 360. Mod development is only possible on PC.
== Depth of Field ==
The PS4 version also introduces a Depth of Field slider in the System -> Settings page. This affects how distance objects are viewed when pointing the center to see something close up, similar to what eyes do. To see how this works, and select a setting you prefer, find any signpost out in the wilderness. Make sure you are facing toward the post and beyond has some distance to it, for instance the signpost SE of Whiterun near the bridge while facing the sign looking north - day time is best. Get close to the post then turn your field of vision just off the post until the farther objects sharpen. By going back and forth between close post & far distance, using different slider points, you can adjust the DoF to your liking.
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