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Increasing Health: comma
Your health attribute can be increased using [[Online:Fortify Health|Fortify Health]] effects. [[Online:Enchanting|Enchantments]] are particularly useful, since they have a constant effect. With [[Online:Spells|spells]], [[Online:Potions|potions]], and [[Online:Provisions|provisions]], care is needed when relying on Fortify Health effects that will end in the middle of combat. When the effect expires, you will immediately lose all the bonus health, potentially killing your character.
[[Online:Argonian|Argonian]]s, [[Online:Imperial|Imperial]]s, [[Online:Nord|Nord]]s, and [[Online:Orc|Orc]]s have increased maximum health than other races , and [[Online:Khajiit|Khajiit]], Nords, and Orcs have faster health recovery.
==Restoring Health==