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There is an annoying bug involving traveling by ship and [[Daggerfall:Banks#Services|letters of credit]].
When your character owns a ship and carries one or more letters of credit, two issues may occur, apparently depending on the route which the game calculates from your current targetlocation to your final destination:
#An exorbitant sum for the traveling expenses is shown in the fast-travel menu, although the actual sum deducted from your wallet is not bigger than usual.
#Any letter of credit will be converted to hard gold when you arrive at your destination, leaving you overburdened in most cases.
This only happens in case your character owns a ship and you choose to travel "recklessly" while staying at inns for the night in the traveling menu.
This only happens in case your character owns a ship, as already stated above, in any other case this bug will not occur. The only way to prevent the conversion from letters of credit into gold is to remove any letters from your character's inventory before starting the journey. Just store these letters in your wagon or somewhere on your ship. After you have arrived at your destination, you can pick these letters of credit up again.
There are however two ways to avoid this bug if you travel across the sea (inland waters seem to be safe):
*Choose "cautiously" in the traveling menu when you are traveling.
*Choose "camp out" in the traveling menu if you want or need to travel "recklessly".
Storing the letters of credit in your wagon or on your ship does not work, the letters will be converted to gold as soon as you reach your final destination.
==Relative Speeds of Travel Modes==