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|title=The Bequeather
|loc=[[ON:Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary|Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary]]
|faction={{Faction|Dark Brotherhood}}
|sells=Shadowy Supplier
}}'''Remains-Silent''', also known as '''The Bequeather''', is an [[ON:Argonian|Argonian]] member of the [[ON:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] andwho serves as a merchant[[ON:Shadowy whoSuppliers|shadowy supplier]]. She can providesprovide you with various helpful supplies once you unlock the [[ON:Dark Brotherhood#Abilities|Shadowy Supplier]] skill. True to her name, she never speaks.
Once the skill is takenunlocked, Remains-Silent appears in the [[Online:Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary|Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary]] and any of theevery [[Online:Outlaws Refuges|Outlaws Refuges]] across Tamriel, -and easilyis foundmarked on the local map by the Dark Brotherhood symbol. Once every twenty hours the playeryou can request an item from three categories.