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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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Valuables: tweak
| {{icon|m|GoldNugget}}
| {{Linkable Entry|Gold Nugget}}<br> {{ID|00049808}} || 0.25 || 25 || Found in [[Oblivion:Gold Vein|Gold Veins]]
* These{{pc22}} with the [[Tes4Mod:Unofficial_Oblivion_Patch|Unofficial Oblivion Patch]], these can be used to recharge magical items at the MagickaMana fountainsFountains found in Oblivion planes if one is using the [[Tes4Mod:Unofficial_Oblivion_Patch|Unofficial Oblivion Patch]] if you also have the book [[Oblivion:Arcana_Restored|''Arcana Restored'']] in your inventory.
| {{icon|m|SilverNugget}}

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