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<noinclude>{{Trail|Races}}[[Category:Lore-All Terms]]</noinclude>{{{image|[[File:Lore-race-Bosmer.png|frame|Illustration of a typical Bosmer male.]]}}}
The {{Lore Link|Bosmer}} are the Elven clan-folk of {{Lore Link|Valenwood}}, a forested province in southwestern {{Lore Link|Tamriel}}.{{ref|name=POT|{{Cite book|Provinces of Tamriel}}}} In the {{Lore Link|Empire}}, they are often referred to as '''Wood Elves''', but Bosmer,{{ref|name=PGE1P|{{Cite book|PGE|1|Prologue}}}} '''Boiche''',{{ref|name=TWE|{{Cite book|The Wild Elves}}}} or '''the Tree-Sap people''' is what they call themselves.{{ref|name=Morrowind|Events of [[MW:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}} Bosmer rejected the stiff, formal traditions of {{Lore Link|Aldmer}}i high culture, preferring a more romantic, simple existence in harmony with the land and its wild beauty and creatures. They are relatively nimble and quick in body compared to their more "civilized" {{Lore Link|Altmer}}i cousins (who often look down upon the Bosmer as unruly and naive). Their agility makes them well-suited as scouts and thieves.{{ref|name=VAS|{{Cite book|Valenwood: A Study}}}} However, they are also a quick-witted folk, and many pursue successful careers in scholarly pursuits or trading.{{ref|name=ASGTN|{{Cite book|A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs}}}}{{ref|name=ADIF1|{{Cite book|A Dance in Fire, Chapter 1}}}}{{ref|name=TBG|{{Cite book|The Buying Game}}}} Bosmer live two to three times as long as humans; with a 200-year-old Bosmer being old and a 300-year-old Bosmer being very, very old.{{ref|[ Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 4]}} Though they are considered less influential than some of their Elven brethren, the Bosmer are also relatively prone to producing offspring. As a result, they outnumber all other {{Lore Link|mer}} on Tamriel.{{ref|name=RM3TWE|{{Cite book|RacialCrafting Motifs 3: The Wood Elves}}}}
The best archers in all of Tamriel, the Bosmer snatch and fire arrows in one continuous motion; they are even rumored to have invented the bow.{{ref|name=TGROM|{{Cite book|The Gold Ribbon of Merit}}}}{{ref|name=TRG|{{Cite book|The Rear Guard}}}}{{ref|name=TML|{{Cite book|The Marksmanship Lesson}}}}{{ref|name=ADIF3|{{Cite book|A Dance in Fire, Chapter 3}}}} They have many natural and unique abilities; notably, they can command simple-minded creatures and have a nearly chameleon-like ability to hide in forested areas.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald|{{Cite book|PGE|1|Aldmeri Dominion}}}}{{ref|name=PGE1W|{{Cite book|PGE|1|The Wild Region}}}} Many in the forests of Valenwood follow the tenets of the {{Lore Link|Green Pact}}. These "Green Pact Bosmer" are religiously carnivorous and cannibalistic, and do not harm the vegetation of Valenwood, though they are not averse to using wooden or plant-derived products created by others.{{ref|name=ADIF1}}{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}}{{ref|name=GPBO|{{Cite book|Green Pact Bosmer: Observations}}}}{{FMI|dummy=}}<noinclude>
[[File:ON-concept-Yfree tree.png|thumb|right|Drawing of Y'ffre as a tree]]
The Bosmer venerate many deities. In fact, few Bosmer outside the Empire accept the limitation of {{Lore Link|Divines}} to a mere eight or nine. Most Bosmer claim direct descent from {{Lore Link|Auri-El}}, though Y'ffre the Storyteller is their most important deity. While the Time Dragon is the king of the gods, they venerate Y'ffre as the spirit of "the now".{{ref|name=VOFTWE|{{Cite book|Varieties of Faith: The Wood Elves}}}} Like the Argonians, the Bosmer seem to prefer to live in the present, or the "Aurbic Now", and show relatively little regard for the ways of the past (besides when it comes to telling old tales or following the Green Pact, that is).{{ref|name=RM11AE|{{Cite book|RacialCrafting Motifs 11: Ancient Elves}}}}
The Bosmer also venerate {{Lore Link|Arkay}}, {{Lore Link|Xarxes (god)|Xarxes}}, {{Lore Link|Mara}} (who they consider to be the wife of Auri-El), and {{Lore Link|Stendarr}}. The God of Toil, {{Lore Link|Z'en}}, is the Bosmeri god of payment in kind. His origins are mysterious, as is his place in the cosmic order. The Bosmer are one of the few who worship the trickster {{Lore Link|Baan Dar}}, the trickster spirit of thieves and beggars they apparently borrowed from the Khajiit.{{ref|name=VOFTWE}}
Many "citified tree-folk" favor a life among the branches, and have woven them together to form limbed pathways without harming the trees. Trails of thick, living vines anchor dozens of platforms that carry goods and people among the graht-oaks. These platforms are hoisted by strong, often foreign laborers. Bone, resin, and sinew are employed by the Bosmer in a plethora of ways, including bridge design. A secondary market in such scraps allows the tree-dwellers to recycle their animal waste by simply tossing it to the ground below, where it is scavenged and reworked into a variety of items.{{ref|name=AA}} What is not scavenged is absorbed by the roots of the trees and used to keep the settlement healthy. These cities are grown by Bosmer Greenspeakers, who use rituals of speech or song to grow entire villages in just a few days.{{ref|name=ONGloo|[[Online:Glooredel|Glooredel's]] dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}{{ref|name=LMAGwaering|[[Lore:Gwaering Answers Your Questions|Loremaster's Archive: Y'ffre's Beckoning]]}} This magic can also be used to fashion wooden items, presumably without violating the Green Pact.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband W|Contraband]] in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Below ground, the trees share a common root system which delivers hot sap into each hut to keep them warm.{{ref|name=ONGloo}}
Like the Nords, the Bosmer rely heavily on stylized, often interlocking natural motifs in their architecture, crafts, and clothing. However, while the Nords emphasize animals, Bosmeri designs are mainly floral.{{ref|name=RM4TN|{{Cite book|RacialCrafting Motifs 4: The Nords}}}} Since the Bosmer believe that a species' form is a sacred gift from Y'ffre, each species is depicted by a particular, idealized motif which represents the ur-form it was given by Y'ffre. Thus, while there a great plethora of designs in Bosmeri artwork, there is very little room for variation in these designs. Seemingly inconsequential details are rigidly scrutinized, and those which deviate from the norm are looked down upon as plain "wrong".{{ref|name=RM3TWE}}
===The Mourning Wars===