Online:Sacrament: Sewer Tenement

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{{Mod Header|Crown Store}}{{Mod Header|Dark Brotherhood}}{{Pre-Release}}{{Online Quest Header
|Reward={{Item Link|Unidentified Sithis' Touch Equipment|quality=2|level=1|id=77573}} ''or''<br>{{Item Link|Unidentified Sithis' Touch Equipment|quality=3|level=1|id=77546}} (for completing all challenges)<br>604 Gold<br>10 {{ESO Reputation|DB|pos=after}}<br>+10 {{ESO Reputation|DB}} for completing all challenges
|XP={{ESO XP|s}}
|Journal=I received a contract from the Speaker.
==Quest Stages==
{{Online Journal Entries
||The Black Sacrament has been performed for <target> at the Sewer Tenement.
{{Online Quest Objective||Kill <target>}}
{{Online Quest Objective|optional|First optional objective}}
{{Online Quest Objective|optional|Second optional objective}}
{{Online Quest Objective|optional|Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement}}
{{Online Quest Objective|optional|Leave Before the Overseer Arrives}}
{{Online Quest Objective|hint|Talk to Speaker Terenus to Travel to Trader's Cove}}
{{Online Quest Objective|hint|Alert Status: 0/5}}
{{Online Quest Objective||Return to Speaker Terenus}}
|fin|The Speaker is waiting for my report at the Sanctuary.
{{Online Quest Objective||Return to the Speaker}}
{{Online Quest Stages Notes}}