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Also mentioning Ultimate. May need more detailed info on this. (E.g. how is the value derived?)
Attribute point assignments can be changed later on at a [[Online:Shrines|Rededication Shrine]] for a (small) cost in gold, or with an {{Item Link|Attribute Respecification Scroll|id=64523|quality=5}}{{Crown Store}} from the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]].
In addition, you have one other attribute:
* '''[[Online:Ultimate|Ultimate]]'''
** The energy needed to use Ultimate abilities
** Represented by a green bar which fills up in the background of your slotted Ultimate skill.
** When you have enough to perform your Ultimate, the skill icon will glow
== Notes ==
* The system of attributes used in The Elder Scrolls Online is almost identical to that of [[Skyrim:Attributes|Skyrim]].