Daggerfall:Beginner's Guide

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* Create a character with the Classmaker advantage "Spell Absorption in General" and "Increased Magery -> 3x Int." Once in the Mages Guild, create a damaging spell that targets an area at range. Then when you meet a hostile, cast it at your feet. Generally, this method has a 100% spell absorption rate for you, allowing you to regain the magicka spent in casting it and damage the enemy. Your character can then nuke the floor continually while running anywhere for unlimited killing power. On some rare occasions some character of mine has absorbed zero of its own spells, so be cautious when trying this in any new dungeon or setting you enter.
* Increasing your spell skill for any of the six magical schools above 100 will reduce the magicka cost for any related spell to 5. Using Spellmaker, you can create a damage (Destruction) or shield (Alteration) spell that increases by 100 every level, and the magicka cost should remain at 5. For a level 10 character, this would provide a 1000-damage shield or a 1000-damage attack spell, effectively removing any challenge whatsoever. Further ideas are a Disintegration (chance 100) spell; Spell Reflection (chance 100) spell; regeneration (duration and magnitude 100) spell; levitation, water walking, and water breathing all at 100 duration; identification (chance 100); and so on, each in varying spell schools.
* As High Elves are naturally immune to paralysis, a character may attach "Critical Weakness to Paralysis" in Classmaker and suffer no consequence. Nords may do the same with "Critical Weakness to Frost," though they only have a resistance to it.
* In Classmaker, a non-spellcaster may attach "Inability to Regen Spellpoints," "Dark-Powered Magicka," and "Light-Powered Magicka" at the same time, drastically reducing skill gain difficulty.