Daggerfall:Beginner's Guide

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Quests and Dungeons
* To defeat enemies with your Continuous Damage spell, get close to one and open your spellbook using Backspace. Double-click on the spell, and a message should tell you to choose your target. Click on the enemy then. If the spell is resisted, the message "Save vs spell made." will appear. If it is successful, the message "You see a (enemy)." will appear. Once success occurs, run away from the enemy, and try to watch it. The enemy has a chance to break the Continuous Damage once per tick (Daggerfall's internal measure of time), at which point you'll need to recast it; there is no message for when the spell is broken. If the enemy doesn't break the spell, you'll see it either bleeding (for living) or discharging some bone particles (for undead) every few seconds. At level 1, the spell will do 3 damage per round (6 damage total), and at level 2, 5 damage (15 damage total), and so on; the number of rounds will also increase as you gain levels, supposing the enemy doesn't break it through magic resist.
* To save magicka, you may want to try attacking a locked door rather than using your Open spell, which is most useful within towns. Bashing a normal door sufficiently will unlock and open it. If the door says it is a magically held lock, the Open spell is your only option.
* Some dungeons require the use of unique objects to proceed. One is the red brick wall, which can be a teleporter if walked through or manipulated, or could be useless. Another is the small floating skull, which can teleport you to another section of the dungeon. Another is an inconspicuous torch which can remove obstructing cages and bookcases from your way. Another to watch for are levers and wheels, which tend to remove gates and walls. How to use these can be learned, and they will resolve all similar puzzles in the same fashion in other dungeons. Thankfully, the majority of quest locations will not require the use of any of these.
* Press "M" to open your dungeon map. Click on any segment of the map to make it blink. This can be useful when you want to return to a particular section and not get lost. Right-click on a segment to make it disappear, allowing you to see below it.
* If your quest leads you to find an ingredient such as Orc's Blood or Snake Venom, this will be found on the floor in the dungeon and will have no other distinguishing feature when you find it. You'll need to click on it, same as a treasure pile, and it will enter your inventory. Quest objects have a green background on their item tile.
* Successfully completing the quest and returning to the quest giver within the time limit will grant you +5 reputation with the Mages Guild. Failing the quest in any way will grant you -3 reputation. Reaching too low a reputation with the guild will remove your standing with them.