Oblivion:Beneath the Bloodworks

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{{Oblivion Places Summary
|occupants=[[Oblivion:Vampires,|Vampire]] Undead, Rats, Mud CrabsEnemies
|treasure=1 boss-level [[Oblivion:Dungeons#Boss Chests|Chest]]
|locationcode=[[#Zone 1: Beneath the Bloodworks|ImperialSewerSystemArena]]
|location=The sewer system under the [[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]] [[Oblivion:Arena District|Arena District]].
|AddBelow=It contains only one zone, ''[[#Zone 1: Beneath the Bloodworks|Beneath the Bloodworks]]''.
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|The Ultimate Heist}}
* This is one of many sections of the sewers under the [[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]]
* Although this sewer is under the [[Oblivion:Arena District|Arena District]], there is no sewer entrance directly from the [[Oblivion:Arena District|Arena District]]; it can only be accessed via other sewers.
* This sewer connects to [[Oblivion:The South East Tunnel|The South East Tunnel]] (under the [[Oblivion:Arboretum|Arboretum]]), [[Oblivion:The Market Sewers|The Market Sewers]] (under the [[Oblivion:Market District|Market District]]), and [[Oblivion:The Palace Sewers|The Palace Sewers]].
* The entrance to [[Oblivion:The Palace Sewers|The Palace Sewers]] requires a key which is obtained during [[Oblivion:The Ultimate Heist|The Ultimate Heist]] quest
* With its population of [[Oblivion:Vampires|Vampires]] it has some of the best loot in the sewer system.
[[Image== Zone 1:OB-Map-ImperialSewerSystemArena.jpg|thumb|left ''{{Linkable Entry|Beneath the Bloodworks]]}}'' ==
|[[Image:OB-Map-Key.png|thumb|150px|Key to Map]]
|[[Image:OB-Map-ImperialSewerSystemArena.jpg|thumb|286px|Beneath the Bloodworks]]
This zone has sections that are underwater
* 1-8 [[Oblivion:Vampires|Vampire]] Enemies (each 50% probability Vampire, 33% [[Oblivion:Undead|Undead]], 17% Vampire Beast)
* 1-2 [[Oblivion:Mud Crab|Mud Crab]]s
* 1 boss-level [[Oblivion:Dungeons#Boss Chests|Chest]] (Vampire variety) at location '''B''' on map
* 1 [[Oblivion:Vampire Dungeons#Chest 01|Chest 01]] (locked)
* 2 [[Oblivion:Vampire Dungeons#Chest 02|Chests 02]] (1 locked)
* 3 [[Oblivion:Vampire Dungeons#Chest 04|Chests 04]]
* 1 [[Oblivion:Vampire Dungeons#Coffin 01|Coffin 01]]
* The other following items will always be found: 1 empty common [[Oblivion:Soul Gem|soul gem]], 1 empty petty soul gem, 2 [[Oblivion:Bonemeal|Bonemeals]], and 1 [[Oblivion:Potion of Cure Disease|Potion of Cure Disease]]
'''Doors and Gates:'''
* There are four doors (at '''C''', '''F''', '''G''', and '''E''') in/out of this zone, all leading out of dungeon to The Market Sewers, The South East Tunnel, The South East Tunnel, and The Palace Sewers
* 1 Gate at '''D''' (locked, key required, opened by ''Imperial Sewer Key'')