Oblivion:The Market Sewers

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{{Oblivion Places Summary|
|occupants=Bandits,[[Oblivion:Bandit|Bandit]] Rats, Mud CrabsEnemies
|treasure=1 boss-level chest
|locationcode=[[#Zone 1: The Market Sewers|ImperialSewerSystemMarketDistrict]]
|location=The sewer system under the [[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]] [[Oblivion:Market District|Market District]].
|AddBelow=It contains only one zone, ''[[#Zone 1: The Market Sewers|The Market Sewers]]''.
* Although there is an entrance from the [[Oblivion:Market District|Market District]], initially that only provides access to the first room: the door leading to rest of the sewers can only be opened from the other side. And the bedrolls can not even be used until the rest of the sewer has been accessed: the presence of enemies on the other side of the door prevent you from sleeping in them.
* Bandits will actually follow you through the sealed door and onto the surface when you exit the sewers from the Market District entrance.
[[Image:OB-ImpSewer-Market.jpg|thumb|left|Market Sewers]]
== Zone 1: ''{{Linkable Entry|The Market Sewers}}'' ==
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|[[Image:OB-Map-Key.png|thumb|150px|Key to Map]]
|[[Image:OB-ImpSewer-Market.jpg|thumb|left370px|The Market Sewers]]
This zone has sections that are underwater
* 1-9 [[Oblivion:Bandit|Bandit]] Enemies (each 50% probability melee , 25% archer Bandit, 12% [[Oblivion:Dog|Dog]], 12% [[Oblivion:Animals#Nuisance Beast|Nuisance Animal]])
* 1 Chest (contains ''The Bloodwork's Sewer Key'', loot similar to boss-level bandit chest: 1-2 plain light armor, 1 plain weapon, 10% chance enchanted armor, 25% enchanted weapon, etc.) at location '''B''' on map
* 2 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 01|Chests 01]] (1 locked)
* 3 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 02|Chests 02]] (2 locked)
* 2 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 03|Chests 03]]
* 1 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 04|Chest 04]]
'''Doors and Gates:'''
* There are six doors in/out of this zone
** 1 door (at '''Out''') leads [[#Exterior|outside]]
** 5 doors (at '''C''', '''D''', '''G''', '''E''', and '''F''') lead out of dungeon to The North Tunnel, The North Tunnel, Beneath the Bloodworks, The Best Defense Basement, and The Main Ingredient Basement (locked, opened by ''The Bloodwork's Sewer Key''; locked)
* 7 bedrolls at locations '''b''' on map