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The '''featured articles''' are what editors believe are the best articles on the UESP. These high quality articles set examples for other pages to follow. They are reviewed and voted upon below for content, style, completeness, and overall quality.
==Featured Article Process==
Articles are nominated in one month intervals, and the article with the most votes wins. To nominate an article, you should list your article on the bottom of the page with a three-tier heading <tt>(===Example===)</tt> and briefly explain why you think the article should be nominated for featured status. Before you nominate an article, please make sure the article was not previously elected.
Every member of the site who is registered and logged in can vote. Each member has up to one full vote, which they can split in half and give each half to two separate articles. Every vote should be in bold and should be signed with four tildes (<tt>~~<nowiki/>~~</tt>). Discussion for each article should not be included with the votes, but separated below them. [[UESPWiki:Administrators|Administrators]] with check user access will be responsible for ensuring the validity of each vote.
==Recently Featured Articles==
* [[Tamriel:Khajiit]], August 2006 - November 2006
* [[Tamriel:Daedric Alphabet]], November 2006 - incumbent
==Nominations and Votes==
===August 2007===
Reformatted to add lots of colorful pictures
:Nice bright, simple page. Could possibly benefit from an introductory paragraph explaining what an artifact actually is --[[User:Rpeh|Rpeh]]<sup>[[User_Talk:Rpeh|Talk]]</sup> 03:31, 27 July 2007 (EDT)
====[[Tamriel:Black_Marsh|Black Marsh]]====
: One of the more detailed Tamriel pages, full of interesting information with some well-chosen pictures. --[[User:Rpeh|Rpeh]]<sup>[[User_Talk:Rpeh|Talk]]</sup> 06:41, 31 July 2007 (EDT)
Anonymous user