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Shivering:Unique Clothing

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Rings: sheo cane
| Script Effect<br>(removes all equipped clothing)
| Needed for [[Shivering:The Museum of Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]] quest.<br>The first ID is for the item when first found; the second ID is after it has been given to the museum.<br>The ring works by occupying the Upper Body, Lower Body, Hand, Foot and Right Ring equipment slots. A bug has been reported when equipping the ring while wearing bound items.
| {{hover|This is just a description; the actual item does not have a name assigned to it in the CS.|(Sheogorath's Cane)}}<br>{{ID|00094C2F}}
| Cane
| 0
| 1000
| none
| Worn by Sheogorath. Cannot be removed from him; even if you could, the item is unplayable, has no inventory icon or world model and will look weird if worn by the player.