Skyrim:Sharpslope Cave

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== Walkthrough ==
=== Exterior ===
The exterior to this cave is [[Skyrim:Forgotten Vale|Forgotten Vale]]. There are two entrances to the cave. anAn upper entrance found by heading north from the Wayshrine of Resolution until you reach a small settlement containing two tents and following the path to the right, up and across several bridges and past several [[Skyrim:Falmer|Falmer]] settlements. The lower entrance is found from the same small settlement, but continuing along the shore heading southwest until you reach a group of five [[Skyrim:Chaurus Cocoon|chaurus cocoons]], with two of them being occupied and two [[Skyrim:Orichalcum Ore Vein|orichalcum ore veins]] among them. A short distance further is the entrance. There are four more orichalcum ore veins starting immediately to the left of the entrance and three occupied of five more chaurus cocoons. The last of the ore veins is in the corner on the opposite shore.
=== Sharpslope Cave ===
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