Morrowind:Namanian Facian

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'''Namanian Facian''' is an [[Morrowind:Imperial|Imperial]] [[Morrowind:Nightblade Service|nightblade]] in the employ of the [[Morrowind:Morag Tong|Morag Tong]] at their [[Morrowind:Morag Tong Guild (Sadrith Mora)|Guildhall]] in [[Morrowind:Sadrith Mora|Sadrith Mora]]. There he has a selection of [[Morrowind:spells|spells]] for sale. You do not need to be a member to partake of his services, though it will earn you a considerable discount.
Namanian wears a [[Morrowind:Morag Tong Helm|Morag Tong helm]] along with a [[Morrowind:Common Shirt|common shirt]], [[Morrowind:Common Pants|pants]], and [[Morrowind:Common Shoes|shoes]]. He carries 20 [[Morrowind:Steel Dart|steel dart]]s along with up to 15 gold. Aside from his natural [[Morrowind:Voice of the Emperor|charm]] and ability to [[Morrowind:Star of the West|absorb fatigue from others]], he knows a selection of spells from the [[Morrowind:Alteration|Alteration]], [[Morrowind:Destruction|Destruction]], [[Morrowind:Illusion|Illusion]], and [[Morrowind:Mysticism|Mysticism]] schools of magic. Specifically, these are the same [[#Spells|spells]] that he has available for sale.