Lore:Brothers of Strife (place)

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|imgdesc=The Brothers of Strife circa {{Year|2E 582}}
[[File:ON-place-Brothers of Strife 02.jpg|thumb|right|Aerial view of the nearby daedric ruins]]
The [[Lore:Brothers of Strife (place)|Brothers of Strife]] is the name of the enormous stone statue towering over ancient {{Lore Link|Chimer}} ruins located far south of {{Lore Link|Ebonheart}}, in the {{Lore Link|Stonefalls}} region of {{Lore Link|Morrowind}}. It was named after the {{Lore Link|Brothers of Strife (creature)|Brothers of Strife}}, two {{Lore Link|Daedra|Daedric}} monsters created there. The area is rich in {{Lore Link|Heart Stone|heart stone}} deposits.