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Oblivion:Dreugh Wax

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Land Dreughs are encountered both inside dungeons and outside in the wilderness. In [[Oblivion:Monster Dungeons|Monster Dungeons]] (circles on map), Land Dreughs will be encountered starting at level 17. Boss-level monsters are guaranteed to be Land Dreughs and at level 15. Dungeons containing boss monsters are indicated by purple circles on the map; these dungeons also contain standard monsters who may be Land Dreughs at level 17 and higher.
[[Oblivion:Outdoors Creatures|Outdoors]], they are found in Rainforest and Swamp regions (squares on map). In the wilderness they appear starting at level 17; along roads, they appear starting at level 15 (blue squares). The final place where it is possible to encounter Land Dreughs is in the [[Oblivion:Arena (faction)|Arena]], where they can be the opponent in the Grand Champion matches at levels 15-17 (along with two [[Oblivion:Ogre|Ogre]]s). Land Dreughs will not be encountered before level 15.
[[File:OB-Map-DreughWax.jpg|thumb|left|500 px|Locations of Land Dreughs and Dreugh Wax]]
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