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Oblivion:Ayleid Wells

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{{Trail|Places}} [[Category:Oblivion-Places| Ayleid Wells]]
[[File:OB-place-Ayleid Well.jpg|thumb|The Ayleid Well near Fort Empire]]
'''Ayleid Wells''' [[Oblivion:Fortify Magicka|Fortify Magickafortify magicka]] by 50 points for five minutes and [[Oblivion:Restore Magicka|restore]] 400 points of Magickaonce a day. Each one can be re-used after it recharges at midnight. There are thirty-five Ayleid wells in [[Oblivion:OblivionCyrodiil|OblivionCyrodill]] (see all of them on the {{Map Link|search=Ayleid Well|label=Oblivion map}}), and they are found near the [[Oblivion:Red Ring Road|Red Ring Road]] with great frequency and seem to be more commonplace in [[Lore:Nibenay|Nibenay]] than [[Lore:Colovia|Colovia]]. They are sometimes found in conjunction with an [[Oblivion:Ayleid Ruins|Ayleid Ruin]].
=Built by the [[Oblivion:Ayleids|Ayleids]] from meteoric iron and other Aetherial fragments sometime before the end of the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]], much of their presence remains a mystery. [[Oblivion:Irlav Jarol|Irlav Jarol]], Ayleid researcher and member of the [[Oblivion:Arcane University|Arcane University]], has written a [[Oblivion:Books|book]] called ''[[Oblivion:Magic from the Sky|Magic from the Sky]]'' describing the creation of Ayleid Wells and speculating on the inner workings of the construction.==Locations===
===[[Oblivion:Blackwood|Blackwood]]===*Northeast of [[Oblivion:Atatar|Atatar]] {{Map Link|x=130360|y=-77312}}.*Northeast of [[Oblivion:Tidewater Cave|Tidewater Cave]], southwest of [[Oblivion:Fort Blueblood|Fort Blueblood]] {{Map Link|x=112600|y=-161548}}.*West of [[Oblivion:Onyx Caverns|Onyx Caverns]], east of [[Oblivion:Veyond|Veyond]] {{Map Link|x=125160|y=-133080}}. ===[[Oblivion:Colovian Highlands|Colovian Highlands]]===*East of [[Oblivion:AnutwyllNiryastare|AnutwyllNiryastare]], west of [[Oblivion:Fort Hastrel|Fort Hastrel]] {{Map Link|x=-170676|y=28328}}.*North of [[Oblivion:BravilSandstone Cavern|Sandstone Cavern]], south of [[Oblivion:Fort Linchal|BravilFort Linchal]] {{Map Link|x=59429-128590|y=6218}}.*Northwest of [[Oblivion:Fallen Rock Cave|Fallen Rock Cave]], east of [[Oblivion:Talwinque|Talwinque]] {{Map Link|x=-2684296687|y=28072}}.*West of [[Oblivion:WenyandawikFort Linchal|WenyandawikFort Linchal]], northwest north of [[Oblivion:BravilKvatch|BravilKvatch]] {{Map Link|x=35016-141564|y=-1852814004}}. ===[[Oblivion:Gold Coast|Gold Coast]]===
*West of [[Oblivion:Kvatch|Kvatch]] {{Map Link|x=-168477|y=-6420}}.
*West of [[Oblivion:Fort Linchal|Fort Linchal]], north of [[Oblivion:Kvatch|Kvatch]] {{Map Link|x==-141564|y=14004}}.*North of [[Oblivion:Sandstone Cavern|Sandstone Cavern]], south of [[Oblivion:Fort LinchalGreat Forest|Fort LinchalGreat Forest]] {{Map Link|x=-128590|y=6218}}.*Due west of Skingrad, due east of [[Oblivion:Miscarcand (place)|Miscarcand]], and south of [[Oblivion:Cursed Mine|Cursed Mine]] {{Map Link|x=-86587|y=854}}.
*Northeast of [[Oblivion:Goblin Jim's Cave|Goblin Jim's Cave]] {{Map Link|x=-58768|y=33744}}.
*East of [[Oblivion:Derelict MineSardavar Leed|Derelict MineSardavar Leed]] and [[Oblivion:Skingrad{{Map Link|x=37362|Skingrad]] on the y=18988}}.*South of [[Oblivion:Gold RoadFort Virtue|Gold RoadFort Virtue]] {{Map Link|x=-423326880|y=1100834440}}.*Northwest Southwest of [[Oblivion:Fallen Rock CaveBruma|Fallen Rock CaveBruma]], east northwest of [[Oblivion:TalwinqueBleaker's Way|TalwinqueBleaker's Way]], on the [[Oblivion:Orange Road|Orange Road]] {{Map Link|x=-9668710255|y=28072129972}}.
*Southwest of [[Oblivion:Fort Empire|Fort Empire]] and due west of the [[Oblivion:The Imperial City|Imperial City]], on a path leading west away from the [[Oblivion:Red Ring Road|Red Ring Road]] {{Map Link|x=-13424|y=83296}}.
*South [[Oblivion:Wenyandawik|Wenyandawik]] {{Map Link|x=35016|y=-18528}}.*West of [[Oblivion:Nenyond Twyll|Nenyond Twyll]], southwest of [[Oblivion:Fort VirtueRoebeck|Fort VirtueRoebeck]] {{Map Link|x=752|y=3204}}. ===[[Oblivion:Heartlands|Heartlands]]===*At the junction between the [[Oblivion:Red Ring Road|Red Ring Road]] and the [[Oblivion:Yellow Road|Yellow Road]] {{Map Link|x=-688068375|y=3444039737}}.*Northeast of Between [[Oblivion:Sercen|Sercen]] and [[Oblivion:Cracked Wood CaveRoxey Inn|Cracked Wood CaveThe Roxey Inn]], south of {{Map Link|x=41809|y=101450}}.*[[Oblivion:NornalCulotte|NornalCulotte]] {{Map Link|x=9722777047|y=3419214697}}.
*Immediately northeast of [[Oblivion:Wellspring Cave|Wellspring Cave]] and [[Oblivion:Fort Magia|Fort Magia]], due east of the [[Oblivion:The Imperial City|Imperial City]] {{Map Link|x=68104|y=63512}}.
*Slightly west of [[Oblivion:Belda|Belda]] {{Map Link|x=74925|y=93516}}.
*[[Oblivion:Vilverin|Vilverin]] {{Map Link|x=52671|y=87424}}.
*===[[Oblivion:CulotteJerall Mountains|CulotteJerall Mountains]] {{Map Link|x=77047|y=14697}}.=*Between South of [[Oblivion:SercenAzura's Shrine|SercenAzura's Shrine]] and , west of [[Oblivion:Roxey InnLord Rugdumph's Estate|The Roxey InnLord Rugdumph's Estate]] {{Map Link|x=41809109024|y=101450130040}}. ===[[Oblivion:Nibenay Basin|Nibenay Basin]]===*Southwest of Halfway between [[Oblivion:BrumaFort Aurus|BrumaFort Aurus]], northwest of and [[Oblivion:Bleaker's WayMackamentain|Bleaker's WayMackamentain]], on the {{Map Link|x=113460|y=-3784}}.*[[Oblivion:Orange RoadMackamentain|Orange RoadMackamentain]] {{Map Link|x=10255132313|y=1299725024}}.*Northeast of [[Oblivion:CheydinhalCracked Wood Cave|CheydinhalCracked Wood Cave]], southeast south of [[Oblivion:FanacasNornal|FanacasNornal]] {{Map Link|x=13126397227|y=11578334192}}.
*Northwest of [[Oblivion:Hero Hill|Hero Hill]], east-southeast of [[Oblivion:Cheydinhal|Cheydinhal]] {{Map Link|x=136416|y=85781}}.
*West of [[Oblivion:Belda|Belda]] {{Map Link|x=74925|y=93516}}.
*At the junction between the [[Oblivion:Red Ring Road|Red Ring Road]] and the [[Oblivion:Yellow Road|Yellow Road]] {{Map Link|x=68375|y=39737}}.
*[[Oblivion:Sardavar Leed|Sardavar Leed]] {{Map Link|x=37362|y=18988}}.
*West of [[Oblivion:Onyx Caverns|Onyx Caverns]], east of [[Oblivion:Veyond|Veyond]] {{Map Link|x=125160|y=-133080}}.
*Northeast of [[Oblivion:Tidewater Cave|Tidewater Cave]], southwest of [[Oblivion:Fort Blueblood|Fort Blueblood]] {{Map Link|x=112600|y=-161548}}.
*East of [[Oblivion:Niryastare|Niryastare]], west of [[Oblivion:Fort Hastrel|Fort Hastrel]] {{Map Link|x=-170676|y=28328}}.
*Southeast of [[Oblivion:Nornalhorst|Nornalhorst]] {{Map Link|x=-11476|y=-9044}}.
*[[Oblivion:Ondo|Ondo]] {{Map Link|x=160463|y=-5578}}.
*Southwest West of [[Oblivion:MackamentainBoethia's Shrine|MackamentainBoethia's Shrine]], east of [[Oblivion:Drakelowe|Drakelowe]] {{Map Link|x=113460142522|y=-378445764}}.*===[[Oblivion:MackamentainNibenay Valley|MackamentainNibenay Valley]] {{Map Link|x=132313|y=5024}}.=*Northeast of [[Oblivion:AtatarAnutwyll|AtatarAnutwyll]] {{Map Link|x=13036059429|y=-7731226842}}.
*Northwest of [[Oblivion:Fort Gold-Throat|Fort Gold-Throat]] {{Map Link|x=144316|y=-35016}}.
 ===[[Oblivion:Valus Mountains|Valus Mountains]]===*Just to the southeast of [[Oblivion:Fanacas|Fanacas]] {{Map Link|x=131263|y=115783}}. ===[[Oblivion:West Weald|West Weald]]===*Due west of Skingrad and slightly southwest of [[Oblivion:Cursed Mine|Cursed Mine]] {{Map Link|x=-86587|y=854}}.*East of [[Oblivion:Derelict Mine|Derelict Mine]] and [[Oblivion:Skingrad|Skingrad]] on the [[Oblivion:Nenyond TwyllGold Road|Nenyond TwyllGold Road]], southwest {{Map Link|x=-42332|y=11008}}.*Southeast of [[Oblivion:Fort RoebeckNornalhorst|Fort RoebeckNornalhorst]] {{Map Link|x=752-11476|y=3204-9044}}.
*West of [[Oblivion:Wenyandawik|Wenyandawik]], east of [[Oblivion:Fort Black Boot|Fort Black Boot]] {{Map Link|x=21565|y=-18185}}.
*South of [[Oblivion:Azura's Shrine|Azura's Shrine]], west of [[Oblivion:Lord Rugdumph's Estate|Lord Rugdumph's Estate]] {{Map Link|x=109024|y=130040}}.
*West of [[Oblivion:Boethia's Shrine|Boethia's Shrine]], east of [[Oblivion:Drakelowe|Drakelowe]] {{Map Link|x=142522|y=45764}}.
==Notes==*The Fortify Magicka effect from the Ayleid Well does not stack, and as such activing multiple Ayleid Wells in short duration does not grant multiple Fortify Magicka bonuses. The effect is capped at 50. == Bugs ==
{{Bug|When using an Ayleid Well, the game acts as if you cast the [[Oblivion:Fortify Magicka|Fortify Magicka]] spell, meaning that it contributes to your [[Oblivion:Restoration|Restoration]] experience and that the magnitude of the magicka bonus is affected by your [[Oblivion:Spell Effectiveness|Spell Effectiveness]]. For this reason, it is best to remove all armor you're wearing just before activating the well to get the most Magicka (at 95% Spell Effectiveness you will receive 47 Magicka).|UOP}}
{{Bug|{{Xbox22}} Sometimes wells will not recharge at the correct time, but will begin displaying green sparkles again as though it were working correctly. Trying to use the well, however, will display the message "A drained well recharges slowly."|vn=1}}
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