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Standard Ingredients: correction
{{Ingredient Entry|ing=Milk Thistle Seeds|description=Harvested from Milk Thistle, a flower found throughout mountainous regions ([[Oblivion:Jerall Mountains|Jerall]] and [[Oblivion:Valus Mountains|Valus Mountains]]) and in some clusters in the [[Oblivion:Gold Coast|Gold Coast]].|bgcolor=#efefef}}
{{Ingredient Entry|ing=Minotaur Horn|description=Collected from dead [[Oblivion:Minotaur|Minotaurs]] and [[Oblivion:Minotaur Lord|Minotaur Lords]], two types of [[Oblivion:Monsters|monster]] found [[Oblivion:Outdoors Creatures|outdoors]] and in [[Oblivion:Monster Dungeons|monster dungeons]].}}
{{Ingredient Entry|ing=Monkshood Root Pulp|description=Harvested from Monkshood, a common flower in the [[Oblivion:HeartlandsGreat Forest|HeartlandsGreat Forest]] and [[Oblivion:Nibenay Basin|Nibenay Basin]].|bgcolor=#efefef}}
{{Ingredient Entry|ing=Morning Glory Root Pulp|description=Harvested from Morning Glory, a flowering vine found growing on houses and walls in the [[Oblivion:West Weald|West Weald]] and [[Oblivion:Heartlands|Heartlands]].}}
{{Ingredient Entry|ing=Mort Flesh|description=Collected from dead [[Oblivion:Undead#Zombie Undead|zombies]], which are commonly found in all [[Oblivion:Undead Dungeons|undead dungeons]].|bgcolor=#efefef}}
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