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:I'm having this problem too! I have the GOTY Edition. I tried resurrecting her, but the guard immediately killed her again. {{Uns2|00:01, 1 October 2012|}}
::I have observed when my character was walking towards Leyawiin,he scared two deers. They started running near the stables,then Atahba pull out the axe and start slashing one of them. Then Lerexus Callidus pull out his sword,chased her to second city gate and killed her together with the other guards. So it looks like she comitted a crime by hunting a deer,and we players must not to scare animals in her direction :){{Uns2| 20:57, 16 August 2015‎|}}
== Same happened here ==
Doing a no fast travel run through with random quests that pop up and limited carry limits n stuff, so I wanted it all to be like as you would in real life n that, and I've done *possible spoiler* quests in Layawiin about stopping the skooma dealers and also taking out the bandits with the black bows, so like it's almost as if they got revenge by taking her out lol, and it's bugging me now. My guess is, and this is a long shot, that she was trafficking skooma in from Elsweyr via horse-back, and Cat-Face, the head of the operation and affiliate of the Black Bow Bandits, paid a severely addicted Imperial Guard 50 septims and a sweetroll to take her out, after susspicions arose after the closing of the skooma trade in the Niben area. Either that or the guard just didn't like Kahjiit. {{unsigned||05:47, 17 April 2012}}
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