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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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| {{icon|m|Pickaxe}}
| {{Linkable Entry|Recently Used Pickaxe}} || {{ID|0009F8FA}} || 6.0 || 0 || Found in [[Oblivion:Rockmilk Cave|Rockmilk Cave]], [[Oblivion:Onyx Caverns|Onyx Caverns]], [[Oblivion:Outlaw Endre's Cave|Outlaw Endre's Cave]], [[Oblivion:Felgageldt Cave|Felgageldt Cave]], [[Oblivion:Fort Urasek|Fort Urasek]], [[Oblivion:Fort Rayles|Fort Rayles]], [[Oblivion:Desolate Mine (place)|Desolate Mine]], and outside [[Oblivion:Abandoned Mine|Abandoned Mine]]. Also in three places in the [[Shivering:Shivering Isles|Shivering Isles]].
| {{icon|m|Scales}}

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