Online:Alessian Tombs

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|type=Imperial Sewer
|description=a section of the [[Online:Imperial Sewers|Imperial Sewers]] joining the [[Online:Ebonheart Pact|Ebonheart Pact]] branch to the central hub.
|imgdesc=Alessian Tombs
|alliance=Imperial City
|subzone=Imperial City
|location=Northwest-Central [[Online:Imperial Sewers|Imperial Sewers]]
}} It connects to [[Online:Barathrum Centrata|Barathrum Centrata]] and the [[Online:Antediluvian Vaults|Antediluvian Vaults]].

===Access Points===
*[[File:ON-mapicon-Sewer.png|20px|link=]] '''Door to [[Online:Antediluvian Vaults|Antediluvian Vaults]]''' — Located at the northern end of the sewer section.
*[[File:ON-mapicon-Sewer.png|20px|link=]] '''Door to [[Online:Barathrum Centrata|Barathrum Centrata]]''' — Located at the southeastern end of the sewer section.

===Alessian Tombs===
:'''''Restless spirits of the dead are driven by forces unseen.'''''
*[[File:ON-mapicon-Battlefield.png|20px|link=]] '''[[Online:Secundinus the Despoiler|Secundinus the Despoiler]]'''

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