Skyrim:Ring of Namira

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* {{Quest Link|The Taste of Death}}
{{Bug|If you are wearing the Ring of Namira and receive the [[Skyrim:Cursed Ring of Hircine|Cursed Ring of Hircine]] from [[Skyrim:Sinding|Sinding]] during the quest [[Skyrim:Ill Met By Moonlight|Ill Met By Moonlight]], you will forever be able to feed off of bodies and obtain +50 health and +50% health regeneration.|confirmed=1}}
{{Bug|Consuming a corpse while still under Namira's blessing from another corpse, and at less than 50 health, will kill you. This is because the bonuses from the old corpse are removed before those from the new corpse are addition the foul bodeys of bandits will lower your health by 10 percent|confirmed=1}}
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