Lore:Great Forest

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</noinclude>The {{Lore Link|Great Forest}} is an immense C-shaped geographic woodland region in {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}} that extends around the {{Lore Link|Heartlands}}, starting just northeast of the city of {{Lore Link|Bravil}} to the south, around the western border of the Heartlands, ending just west of {{Lore Link|Cheydinhal}} to the north. The outer edge of the Great Forest is bordered by the {{Lore Link|West Weald}} to the south, the {{Lore Link|Colovian Highlands}} to the west, and the {{Lore Link|Jerall Mountains}} to the north. The city of {{Lore Link|Chorrol}} lies along the western border of the Great Forest and is the only city in this region. The terrain consists of rolling hills, and the region is dotted with caves, mines, abandoned forts, {{Lore Link|Ayleids|Ayleid}} ruins and Daedric shrines.<noinclude>
File:OB-map-Great Forest.jpg|Approximate dimensions of the Great Forest (Oblivion)
==See Also==
*For more information, see the [[Oblivion:Great Forest|Oblivion Great Forest article]].</noinclude>
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