Skyrim:The Ragged Flagon

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Vanryth Gatharian's Shop: changed cirass to cuirass
Vanryth Gatharian's shop is opened after completing the fourth reputation quest (see [[Skyrim:Vanryth Gatharian|here]] for his standard merchandise). None of the displayed merchandise can be purchased, only stolen.
It is located in the second alcove on the right, when entering from the Ratway and contains a counter, several crates, a small unit, two food barrels and a chair that he seems to spend most of his time sitting in. The items on display include a random enchanted [[Skyrim:Armor#Light-Armor|light-armor]] [[Skyrim:Armor|cirasscuirass]] and enchanted light armor [[Skyrim:Armor#Boots|boots]] on top of the counter. A [[Skyrim:Helmet|helmet]], a pair of [[Skyrim:Gauntlets|gauntlets]], a pair of boots and a [[Skyrim:Shield|shield]], all light armor and found on the ledge that runs around, near the bottom of the walls, two [[Skyrim:Hide Shield|hide shields]] on top of one of the crates and two bottles of wine on a shelf of the unit.
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