Shivering:Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Dementia)

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==Horkvir Bear-Arm's House==
Being the largest house in town, Horkvir has found a way to fill it: On top of the cupboard near the entrance two samples of [[Shivering:Black Tar|black tar]] have been placed and next to it, two [[Oblivion:Potions#PoisonsWeak Poison of Burden|weak poisons of Burdenburden]], a [[Oblivion:Potions#PoisonsStrong Poison of Illness|strong poison of Illnessillness]] and a [[Oblivion:Potions#PoisonsStrong Poison of Clumsiness|strong poison of Clumsinessclumsiness]] have been placed on a small shelf, also on top of it three bottles of [[Shivering:Bernice's Summer Wine|Bernice's Summer Wine]] can be found. On a small table three samples of [[Shivering:Water Root Pod Pit|water root pod pit]], one sample of [[Shivering:Smoked Baliwog Leg|smoked baliwog leg]], one sample of [[Shivering:Withering Moon|withering moon]] and a bottle of [[Oblivion:Mead|mead]] have been placed. On a second, bigger table, Horkvir has placed three more samples of smoked baliwog leg along with two samples of [[Shivering:Rot Scale|rot scale]] and a [[Oblivion:Potion of Detect Life|strong potion of Detectdetect Lifelife]]. On another shelf, a [[Oblivion:Potion of Chameleon|potion of Chameleonchameleon]], a poison of Afflictionaffliction and a poison of Confusionconfusion stand out among all the clutter, and the chest next to it may contain a few pieces of low-level [[Oblivion:Armor|armor]] and [[Oblivion:Weapons|weapons]]. Also, in the first room upstairs, two patchwork pants, a [[Shivering:Black Finery|black finery]] outfit and three [[Oblivion:Repair Hammer|repair hammers]] can be found lying on the floor. The jewelry box on top of the drawers has a chance of contain a single piece of unenchanted jewelry. In the second room of his house, a [[Shivering:Patchwork Shirt|patchwork shirt]], two pairs of scruffy shoes, another pair of patchwork pants and two [[Oblivion:Lockpick|lockpicks]] are scattered around.