Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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Notes: You don't ever have to put up with Barbas if you don't want to.
* You may choose not to complete this quest in order to instead keep Barbas as an invincible follower.
* Alternatively, you can complete the quest without ever traveling with Barbas. To do this, don't follow him to Haemar's Shame but let him get there on his own. After accepting the task from Vile, tell Barbas to stop following you.
* You can receive the gold reward from Lod after speaking with Barbas for the first time, rather than waiting until the quest is finished.
* Prior to the quest, a leveled conjurer will inhabit [[Skyrim:Rimerock Burrow|Rimerock Burrow]]. When the quest is started, that conjurer will be renamed Sebastian Lort.
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