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'''Stealth''', also known as '''Sneak''', governs your ability to escape detection by others through reducing your visibility and noisiness. It is primarily useful for evading confrontation with enemies, and for executing surprise attacks that inflict critical damage.
In previous Elder Scrolls games, "Stealth" and "Sneak" are different concepts: stealth being a grouping of (more-or-less loosely) conceptually related skills, of which sneak was one. In OnlineESO, there is not a distinct, developed skill line for this behavior, and any character can sneak. Similarly, being "stealthed" in ESO usually refers to a sneaking character who is hidden from enemies.
==Skill Usage==
Toggling the [[Online:Controls#Sneak|sneak control]] causes the player to crouch or stand, indicating that you have entered or left sneak mode. Moving while sneaking will burn stamina; if the player stops moving, stamina regenerates normally.
While sneaking, the crosshair becomes a special "eye" reticle indicating the following statuses:
* A horizontal line indicates you are completely hidden, or "stealthed". This is accompanied by the text <font style="font-variant:small-caps">hidden</font>, and your character gains a shadow over their location.
* A faint oval outline around the normal crosshair means you are completely hidden.
* The oval"eye" becomesbegins moreto visibleopen as anyou enemyget thinksnear ato targetan mayenemy, beor nearif andan enemy begins searchingto search for you.
* A solid, golden oval means the enemy knows where you are or can see you. This is accompanied by the text <font style="font-variant:small-caps">detected</font>.
=== Sneak Attacks ===
* [[Online:Armor#Medium|Medium]]: Improved Sneak – 2 ranks available, the first at Medium Armor Level 14. "Decreases the detection area radius by 3/5% and the cost of Sneaking by 4/7%, per piece of Medium Armor equipped."
**Thus, with 1 rank of the skill taken, wearing 3 pieces of armor would give a 9% reduction in sneak detection radius, and reduce stamina consumption by 12%. With 2 ranks and 7 pieces (the maximum), you would have a 35% reduction in sneak detection radius, and 49% lower stamina consumption.
The world skill line [[Online:Legerdemain|Legerdemain]] has a passive ability which reduces the stamina cost of sneaking.